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- Terry Choi
82 - 2 - 26167483

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GLOCOM is the company developing and growing into the world beyond the Korean market, and pursues a world top tier company equipped with prime technologies, and products.

GLOCOM was initially launched as a supplier of cables and ba tteries, but has been successful in various fields with cust omers’ sincere support and encouragement so far.

However, we aim to produce high value added products by expa nding our business scope into convergence field of B to B ne twork market, automotive and IT so as to overcome the low va lue added environment, which derives from fierce competition in the IT market.

GLOCOM will provide the world’s prime technology products in the automotive smart key and electric equipment fields.

We at GLOCOM are always open to new challenges and experimen ts, full of earnest passion and determination, and make grea t endeavors like our motto.

We will strive to be the top class company, and develop into a firm offering superb customer satisfaction through excell ent product lines.

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Air Purifier

NFC Smart Stand


Industrial 7Port USB 2.0 Hub

4 Port USB HUB/Switch (Metal USB 3.0 Hub Series)

7 Port+4 Slot USB 2.0 Hub

7 Port USB 2.0 Hub (Metal USB 2.0 Hub Series)

7 Port USB 3.0 Hub (Metal USB 3.0 Hub Series)

4 Port USB 2.0 Hub (Metal USB 2.0 Hub Series)